Enzymes in Agri

Reshaping agriculture with drones and biologicals

In agricultural farms, using drone systems is a modern and efficient approach to applying pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other agrochemicals. This method, often referred to as drone spraying or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) spraying, offers several benefits for farmers and the environment such as it precisely targets specific areas or individual plants, can access areas that are hard to reach with traditional equipment, such as steep slopes, wetlands, and areas with obstacles & collects data on crop health and growth during spraying missions.

The government approval for the use of drone and pesticides and nutrient application combined with increasing industry participation is expected to positively impact the Indian agriculture drone market in the coming years. Drone technology with AI (Artificial intelligence), Machine learning and remote sensing capabilities are gaining popularity due to its benefits.

Drone power is an advanced technology to revolutionize sustainable agriculture and very potent difference makers that can give farmers and agronomists access to rich, up-to-date data and valuable insights into their crops. The advanced method of farming well improves environmental health, minimises environmental impacts, reduces environmental risks, optimises resource usage and conservation, and crucially offers improved food production.  Precision agriculture has been gaining traction in recent years, and the use of drones and other technology has proven to be of significant value.  Drones offer a path to precision farming over large areas of land which allows farmers to deploy resources including fertilizer, water and pesticides exactly when and where they are needed, reducing wastage and minimizing environmental impact. Equipped with advanced sensors drone scan also helps farmers monitor plant stress and the presence of disease or pest infestations before issues would normally become visible to the human eye.

Caprienzymes® offers an innovative biosolutions suitable for the drone technology to agrifarms such as biopesticides, nano minerals and bio-surfactants using enzymes and probiotics.

(100% Organic Minerals)

(Natural Mineral Nourisher)

Caprizyme® PESTO
(Naturo Pesticide)


Nanotechnology is a promising strategy to improve crop productivity minimizing the fertilizer inputs, and can be used as coatings on seeds to enhance germination, seedling growth, and protection against pathogens.


CAPRINANO-AG can provide a protective barrier, release nutrients, and offer antimicrobial properties, improving seed quality and early plant establishment. Nano-sized forms of organic minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Cobalt, Selenium & other micronutrients can enhance their bioavailability and uptake by plants, thereby addressing nutrient deficiencies and promoting healthy plant growth. CAPRINANO-AG helps to alleviate soil compaction, increase cation exchange capacity & improve soil fertility


Ca, Mg, K, Mn, Zn, Co and other micro nutrients

- Improved soil structure and nutrient-holding capacity
- Promote better plant growth, increased crop yields & improved agricultural productivity
- Targeted & controlled nutrient release & reduces the risk of nutrient leaching
- Increased nutrient uptake efficiency Retain moisture in the soil, leading to better water efficiency and reduced irrigation needs.
- Better farm productivity and profitability
- Minimises the usage of fertiliser
- 500ml per acre. Dilute 3ml per litre of water. Apply directly as a foliar Spray manually or using the drone application
- Spraying nano minerals using drones in agriculture is a modern technique that can help distribute nutrients or other beneficial substances more efficiently across large fields.


Rainwater contains dissolved nutrients that can replenish the soil’s nutrient supply. When it rains, water percolates through the soil, carrying essential nutrients with it. This helps deliver vital elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to plant roots, supporting their growth and overall health.


Capri NANORAIN is equivalent to rainwater richness which helps the plant nourish fresh flower bloom & overcome stress.


vital micro & macro nutrients, Humic acid & Biosurfactant

- Capri Nanorain improves root development, flower and fruit formation, and overall energy transfer within the plant
- Reduce water stress & allow plants to allocate energy and resources towards growth rather than survival
- Enhances soil oxygenation, ensuring that plants receive the necessary oxygen for metabolic processes
- It helps flush out accumulated toxins and excess salts from the soil
- Promotes root development, allowing plants to access nutrients
- Helps regulate water balance in plant cells, and also plays a role in photosynthesis
-  1-2 ltrs of nutrient solution per acre. It can be mixed with water and sprayed on to plant leaves as a foliar spray, or it can be applied to the soil as a root drench
- Spraying nano minerals using drones in agriculture is a modern technique that can help distribute nutrients or other beneficial substances more efficiently across large fields. using drones in agriculture is a modern technique that can help distribute nutrients or other beneficial substances more efficiently across large fields.


Caprizyme PESTO

Caprizyme® PESTO derived from natural plant sources acts as a natural insecticide, repellent, and nematicide, helping to control pests that damage crops. They deter pests, disrupt their feeding and reproductive systems, and reduce pest populations without harming beneficial insects or the environment.

It possesses antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties that help to manage plant diseases caused by pathogens & inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms, protecting crops from infections. Their strong scents can deter these animals from feeding on crops.


Protein hydrolysate, Blend of essential and herbal oils, vegetable oil and acidifier

- Natural botanical insecticidal & antifungal properties deter mosquitoes & gnats
- A broad spectrum botanical insecticide having alkaloids/ metabolites having origin from plants.
- Induce plant resistance, control pests like aphids, mites & whiteflies, and enhance plant's ability to fight off diseases.
- Improves soil structure, water retention, and nutrient-holding capacity, making nutrients more available to plants.
- An environmentally friendly approach that can help minimize the use of synthetic pesticides
- Serves as a natural repellent for livestock, protecting them from insect pests
- Beneficial microbial populations improve nutrient cycling and overall soil fertility
- Consuming crops, fruits, vegetables and fruits sprayed with PESTO is safe for human use
- 250-350ml per acre. Dilute 3ml per litre of water. Spray once in 15 days time intervals in sprayers or through a Drone application

- Using drones you can spray essential oil pesticides in an effective approach to agricultural pest management as it covers large areas quickly, saving time and labor costs. Proper usage, dilution, and adherence to recommended guidelines are crucial to ensure optimal results and minimize any potential negative impacts

(Starch based biosurfactant)



Caprizyme Biosurfactant , an alkyl polyglucoside improves the dispersion and contact of the microbial strains on plant surfaces, potentially enhancing their effectiveness. This assist in solubilising certain nutrients or hydrophobic compounds, making them more accessible to the microbes or plants and compatible with all ingredients especially enzymes and beneficial micro organisms.  It has promising applications in agriculture for soil remediation, soil conditioning, biopesticide formulation, plant growth promotion, disease suppression, foaming agent replacement, and bioremediation of agrochemicals.


APG with or without Rhizobacter

- Strong wetting and emulsifying property
-The combination with rhizobium enhance plant growth, nutrient availability and disease resistance
- It improves the dispersion and contact of the microbial strains on plant surface
- Enhance the bioremediation by increasing the solubility and bioavailability of hydrophobic pollutants
- Enhances soil aeration, water infiltration, and nutrient distribution, leading to improved soil fertility and crop growth.
- Can be used in foliar applications to improve the spread and adherence of agrochemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, and foliar fertilizers, on plant surfaces.
- Can be incorporated into biological control formulations or used in combination with biopesticides to enhance disease suppression and plant health.

-  Dilution: 10% for any of your formulations
- Applied directly as a foliar spray
- Applied as a spreader with silicone

- Applied with your choice of microbial strains
- For root applications with rhizobacter.

Enzymes in Agri


Enzymes and microbial strains play diverse and critical roles in sustainable agricultural practices, offering solutions for crop production, soil health management, waste recycling, and animal nutrition enhancement while minimizing environmental impacts and promoting resource efficiency.

Using beneficial microorganisms and enzymes, caprienzymes offers bioproducts like biofertilizers, biofungicides, seaweed powder, humic acid granules and encapsulated seaweed granules. These bioproducts harness the power of enzymes and beneficial microorganisms to enhance soil health, promote plant growth, and improve crop resilience to pests and diseases. By utilizing these biological solutions, farmers can minimize environmental impacts, optimize resource usage, and improve overall agricultural sustainability.

Caprizyme® SW
(Seaweed based powder)

Caprizyme® SC
(Soil Conditioner)


Product Name

Caprizyme® SW

Caprizyme SW functions as a fertilizer & soil conditioner. It contains macro, micro, and secondary nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates & minerals. It is rich in nutrients and has a high ability to support the growth of the plant.
Caprizyme SW contains high levels of nutrients and minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, & iron The large amounts of insoluble carbohydrates in marine algae act as a soil conditioner(improve aeration and soil structure, especially in clay soils) & has good moisture retention properties.

Sargassum wightii, vital micro nutrients, Amino acids, compost


- Stimulate Plant growth, increase plant vigor
- Improve plant tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought, heat, and cold
- Improves soil health by increasing soil fertility, and soil structure & promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms
- Enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases & increase yield and quality of the product
- Promotes root growth, increases flower and fruit production, and enhances the quality of the crops
- environmentally friendly in nature


Suitable for crops of all kinds including conventional, organic, turf, and ornamental

Apply 3-5Kg/acre
  Drip Irrigation: Diluted by 1:2500-3000, apply 3-4 times in a growing period.
- Apply in the morning or evening to get a better effect
- Respray if it rains within 8 hours after spraying
- For small roof gardens, Mix 5-10g per ltr of water & apply once in 15 days
Product Name

Caprizyme® SC


Caprizyme SC, a soil conditioner contains a range of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, as well as beneficial microorganisms applied to improve soil properties by making it more crumbly friable and control soil erosion, maintaining the integrity of soil macropores, reducing surface sealing and crusting, reduce turbidity in runoff water and promoting flocculation of suspended sediment with higher environmental benefits.


Blend of enzymes, Sargassum wightii, vital micro nutrients, Beneficial microorganisms, Vermiculite, activated carbon, compost

- Improves soil structure and fertility & balances the pH of the soil Increases Na, K, Mg, Ca, Zn in soil
- Better water retention, aeration, and root growth
- Reduce soil permeability maintains the soil acidity
- Improved plant growth, higher yields & better quality produce
- Lowers inner friction & lowers the abrasiveness of the soil
- Healthier growth of plants, fruits, and flowers
Target crops: Fruits, Flowering plants, vegetables & all types of crops
Clay soils: Apply 300-500kg/acre of soil surface
Loamy soils: Apply 600kg/acre of soil surface
Sandy soils: Apply 1ton/acre of soil surface
Spread the soil conditioner evenly across the soil surface and mix it with soil to a depth of 6-8 Inches using a rot tiller or disc harrow. Water the soil well after application.
Product Name


Product Function & Features
Caprizyme P-Guard, a powerful beneficial microbial product can be applied to soil, seeds, or plant roots to improve soil health, increase nutrient availability, and colonize the developing root system. Caprizymes P-Guard suppresses the plant pathogen spore germination and pests that damage the crops. It promotes biodiversity & acts as a bio-protectant, bio-controllers, and bio-fertilizer, and is very well used as a stimulant.

Sargassum wightii, Rhizobacter, Trichoderma Spp, Bacillus thuringiensis, vital micro nutrients, Amino acids, compost


- Secretion of lytic enzymes to control pathogenic fungi
- Improves soil health and increases nutrient availability
- Break down complex organic matter into simpler substances
- Break down plant residues & reduce soil compaction
- It increases soil quality, growth yield & crop quality
- Elimination of abiotic stresses in plants
- Reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
- Natural fungicide effective in controlling soilborne disease
- Act as a growth promoter
Target crops: Cereals, Pulses, Capsicum Cauliflower, cardamom, tea and coffee crops  
Apply 5-9kgs/ acre
- The product can be applied by spreading it evenly over the soil surface using a tractor or by mixing it with water to create a slurry that can be sprayed onto the soil or plant leaves.
- Apply 5g/ ltr for roof garden plants once in 15 days. Do not mix with the chemical product

Caprizyme® SEAVEED

(Farm & Garden Nourisher)

(Humic Acid Granules)

Product Name



Seaweed, a type of marine algae, has been increasingly recognized for its various applications in agriculture due to its rich nutrient content and beneficial bioactive compounds. This Marine algae has rich natural plant growth hormones, such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins, to promote root growth, flowering, and fruiting in plants and has essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace minerals, which are beneficial for plant growth and help to improve overall plant growth and development, leading to healthier and more robust crops. It can be applied to tree plants, fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee plantations, pulses, grains, and oil seeds


Sargassum wightii, Enzymes & Beneficial microorganisms

- Act as a natural soil amendment, enrich the soil with nutrients, and promotes better plant growth.
- Improve nutrient uptake by plant roots, leading to better crop yield and quality.
- Stimulate root development, increase plant vigor, and support overall crop health.
- Withstands various environmental stresses, such as drought, salinity, & temperature fluctuations
- Enhance soil microbial activity and diversity.
- Help in nutrient cycling, disease suppression, and overall soil health improvement. Helps to control certain pests and diseases.
- Promotes a more balanced and environmentally friendly approach to farming.

For roof garden: 10-20g/sq.ft every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season

Caprizyme SeaVeed can be broadcasted or applied as a top dressing to the soil
- For soil application - Apply the product before planting or during the early stages of crop growth.
-For foliar application - Spraying can be done during the vegetative growth stage or at the onset of stress conditions.
Product Name

COMPOSTROL (Farm & Garden Nourisher)

COMPOSTROL (Farm & Garden Nourisher) Composting is a natural process in which microorganisms break down organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. In order to facilitate the composting process, it is common to use a mixture of microorganisms, known as microbial inoculants, so called biofertilisers, to introduce a diverse community of microorganisms into the compost pile to reduce the use of conventional inorganic fertilisers. This can help to accelerate the composting process and improve the quality of the resulting compost.
Caprizyme Compostrol is a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can improve soil structure, increase soil organic matter content, and provide a source of nutrients for plant growth. It helps in water uptake, plant tolerance to abiotic and biotic factors. It can be used for a wide range of plants,including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and trees.

Rhizobacter, NPK, Vermiculite, Macro algae and enzymes

- Potential biofertiliser
- Variety of nourishments to the plant & help balance soil pH level
- Improve nutrient uptake and overall plant health
- Rich in trace minerals, stimulate the plant growth
- Improves soil structure, aeration and water retention
- Healthier plants, higher yield and better overall garden performance
- It acts as a food for soil microorganisms and a soil enhancer
- Apply 300-400kg per acre for rice, millet, tea, coffee plantation & other food crops.
- Apply 200-300kg/acre for Spice & Pulse crops
- Apply 2-3kg/ tree, Can be applied at any time as a basal during growing period
- Roof garden: Mix 300g per pot in the initial stage of soil preparation. 100g per pot in 30 -60days interval  
Product Name

CAPRIZYME® HUMIC (Humic acid granules)


Humic acids are complex molecules that exist naturally in soil, peat, ocean a and fresh water as well as it's derived from the decomposition of organic matter a contains a variety of beneficial compounds that enhance nutrient availability, improve soil  structure, and promote microbial activity. They are an excellent natural and organic way to provide plants and soil with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. It has high cation-exchange capacity and the average water holding capacity for improving soil fertility and plant growth, also it binds insoluble metal ions, oxides and hydroxides, and to release them slowly and continually to plants when required.


Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Seaweed extract, Amino acids, probiotics

- Neutralisation of soil & regulate pH of soil
- Rich in both organic and mineral substance
- Reduces leaching of soil
- Promote the conversion of nutrient elements N,P,K+Fe, Zn and other trace minerals
- Enhance uptake of nitrogen by plants
- Reduces the toxic substances in soil
- Helps in absorption of the sun energy by darkening the soil
- Stimulate plant enzymes and beneficial microorganisms in soil
- Increase in germination of seeds
- Increased root growth and better uptake of nutrients
- Enhances plant resistance against disease and pest
- Stimulates root growth, increases the respiratory and root formation
- Thickens cell wall in fruits and prolong the storage and shelf time

Caprizyme Humic can be mixed into the topsoil before planting or applied as a top dressing. Humic acid granules can be applied at various stages of crop growth before planting, at planting, or during active growth stages. Spread the granules evenly over the field using a suitable manual spreader or using the drone spreader. After applying humic acid granules, irrigate the field to help dissolve and distribute the granules in the soil.

Drip Irrigation

It can be injected into irrigation systems to deliver it directly to the root zone

Seed treatment

Treating seeds with humic acid solutions before planting can stimulate germination and early root development.


 - 5-10kg/acre
- For roof garden - 5-10g per pot & 500-900g/100 sq.mtr

Caprizyme® RT Nourish
(Efficiency against Nematodes and soil borne disease)

Caprizyme® PGR
(Plant growth regulator)

Product Name

Caprizyme® RT Nourish (Efficiency against Nematodes and soil borne disease)


Caprizyme RT Nourish- a fungi inoculant, play a crucial role in enhancing soil fertility, nutrient uptake, and plant growth. It plays a vital role in soil aggregation and structure, bind soil particles together and improve soil porosity, aeration, and water infiltration.  formation. Caprizyme RT enhances soil fertility, promoting root penetration and promote overall crop productivity in a sustainable manner.


- Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi

- Enhance the uptake of essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients from the soil
- Increases the effective root surface area and improving water absorption.
- Compete with pathogenic fungi for root colonization reduces the incidence and severity of diseases.
- Better root penetration and improved plant growth
- Minimize stress-induced damage
- Improved crop yields and reduced environmental impacts  

Suitable for all field crops, Pulses, Oilseeds, Horticulture & Vegetable crops, Sugar, Medicinal and Aromatic crops.
- Apply 300-400kg per acre for rice, millet, tea, coffee plantation & other food crops.
- Apply 200-300kg/acre for Spice & Pulse crops
- Apply 2-3kg/ tree, Can be applied at any time as a basal during growing period
- Roof garden: Mix 300g per pot in the initial stage of soil preparation. 100g per pot in 30 -60days interval  
Product Name

Caprizyme® PGR (Plant growth Regulator)


Caprizyme PGR, unique composition with gibberellic acid, seaweed algae, yeast with other natural ingredients is a versatile plant growth regulator formulated specifically for use in agriculture and horticulture. It influences various growth processes in plants and plays a pivotal role in promoting cell elongation, which leads to increased stem growth and overall plant vigor. Additionally, it stimulates flowering in flowering plants, ensuring robust floral displays, fruit development and maximizing yield potential. Its ability to break seed dormancy, facilitates germination, hence it is particularly valuable for seed propagation and crop establishment.


-  Gibberellic acid, Protein hydrolysate, Brown algae, yeast extract


- Improve fruit set, promote uniform ripening, and increase yields in fruit and vegetable crops
- Stimulate root development, enhance nutrient uptake, improve stress tolerance, and boost plant growth and productivity
- Improve nitrogen fixation, enhance soil fertility, and increase yields in legume crops
- It acts as a natural source of nutrients and growth promoters for plants
- Improve nutrient uptake, stimulate root and shoot growth, and enhance stress tolerance in plants

Suitable for Vegetable and Fruit crops and for horticulture crops


For spraying: 2ml/ltr of water

For drenching 2ltr/acre

- Seeds can be soaked in Caprizyme PGR for a specified period before planting. Ensure proper drainage after soaking to prevent seed damage or rot.
- Applying PGR during the early stages of flowering can promote flower development and increase fruit set.
- Multiple applications of PGR may be necessary throughout the growing season
- It's best to apply PGR during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause leaf burn.