CapriEnzymes' current product portfolio involves three verticals to achieve our vision and mission. The portfolio comes under CapriEnzymes     registered products. 
Leather - Beamhouse & Tanning
Textile Dyeing
Animal feed - Poultry 

Conversion of raw animal skins to wet-blue leather involves the use of many harsh chemicals that are dangerous for human exposure and environment. With many leather processing units unaware of effective alternative solutions, Caprienzymes aim to revolutionize the age-old industry to better practices. 

Our enzymes provide a great alternative for the companies who want to be the new-age leather processing companies of the future. 

Leather Enzymes
  • Caprizyme GS (soaking agent)

  • Caprizyme GSB (bating)

  • Caprizyme GSBE (economic bating)

  • Caprizyme GSUH (unhairing process)

  • Caprizyme GSVS (vein removal)

  • Caprizyme LCK (liquid lipase)

  • Caprizyme LIPCK (powder lipase)

  • Caprizyme WBF (sequestering agent)

  • Caprizyme SK (wetting agent)

  • Caprizyme ECOWET (wetting agent)

  • Caprizyme Bio-wett (economic wetting agent)

Dyeing of textile yarns is energy-intensive and uses heavy chemicals such as caustic soda. It is the need-of-the-hour to move away from corrosive chemicals to greener alternatives. Enzymes replace the chemicals used at each stage of dyeing the knitted yarns.


The considerable scope for sustainable solutions motivates us to supply innovative products that could make a difference to this important industry.

Broiler and Layer chickens are fed with antibiotics that move up the ecological chain to greatly affect the human population who consume the bird meat.


The feed industry needs to make a sustained effort to move away from these chemical substances, and natural enzyme additives are the answer. In addition, other naturally-derived materials from Mother Earth can enhance the feed materials. 

Textile Enzymes
Feed Additives - Caprizyme series
  • Caprizyme PECTA (bioscouring)

  • Caprizyme PK (bleaching agent)

  • Caprizyme AMY (desizing)

  • Caprizyme NEUTRAL PILL (biowash)

  • Caprizyme CELLO (acid biowash)

Feed Enzymes
  • P-Rich (thermostable phytase)

  • D-Care (powerful enzyme blend)

  • I-Boost (Immunity booster supplement)

Toxin Binders
  • T-Stick (Mycotoxin binder)

  • T-Force (Prebiotic blended mycotoxin binder)

  • M-Punch (Mineral mixture for Poultry)

  • G-Guard (Gut-care probiotics)

Animal feed - Aquaculture

Aquaculture ponds are sprayed with growth enhancing and inorganic-chemical substances to kill the viruses and bacteria that infect the fishes/shrimps. With the huge demand in farm-produced aquatic animals for human consumption, a renewed effort is required to meet the expectation. Feed enzymes are given to increase the feed conversion ratio and probiotics for fed to enhance the gut health as well as the water quality. 

Feed Additives - Caprizyme series
  • P-Spark (pond-care management)

  • P-Release(thermostable phytase)

  • O-Control (Odor and toxin management in water)

  • G-Protect (probiotic blend for gut health)

  • I-Build (immune strength and vitality)

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