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Solutions for a sustainable industry practice

Business Overview

CapriEnzymes is an Indian biotechnology company focused on Aqua-culture feed supplements, Animal feed supplements, Food enzymes, Industrial enzymes and environmentally safe products, aiming to transform traditional intermediate processes to modern, sustainable practices. CapriEnzymes certified with GOTS, GMP+ & FAMI-QS to ensure safe and high quality products.


Our vision is to become a market leader for eco-friendly products that has a positive impact on traditional industries


Through our expert team and established network, we strive to lead the transformation necessary to achieve a truly sustainable business environment


Core Values

The Team


To strive for excellence with full effort and exceeding expectations of the stakeholders


To be the trusted partner for our customers and serve their needs with integrity 


To provide innovative solutions by being creative and pursuing strategic opportunities

CapriEnzymes diverse team brings together seasoned professionals from the biotechnology, leather, chemical, poultry and aquaculture industries with a shared vision to transform the traditional practices and make a difference.

The team makes renewed efforts to focus on its core competencies and serve its customers with energy and enthusiasm



Aqua-culture Feed Supplements

Our new age enzyme-probiotics supplement products are highly viable for the farmers, who desire better pond, feed and soil management in their farms. 

Caprizyme series 


Aqua-culture Feed Supplements - V-MAGNET

V-MAGNET is Vannamei shrimp natural growth promoter that delivers Silica+ for the best absorption of nutrients in the animal’s GUT. Silica+ active ingredient brings revolutionary science (Bio-Resonance Electromagnetic Technology) and increases harvest yields for the aquaculture farmers.

Animal Feed Supplements - Poultry

Broiler and Layer chickens are fed with antibiotics that move up the ecological chain to greatly affect the human population who consume the bird meat.


The feed industry needs to make a sustained effort to move away from these chemical substances, and natural enzyme additives are the answer. In addition, other naturally-derived materials from Mother Earth can enhance the feed materials. 

Feed Supplements - Caprizyme series 

Feed Enzymes : 

  • P-Rich (thermostable Phytase enzyme)

  • D-Care (powerful enzyme cocktail)

Toxin Binders : 

  • T-Stick (Prebiotic blended mycotoxin binder)

Probiotics :

  • I-Boost (Immunity booster supplement)

  • G-Guard (Gut-care probiotics)

Premixes :

  • M-Punch (Mineral mixture for poultry)

Hundreds of chicken eggs. Eating and egg
gmp +.png
Genuine raw vegetable tanned leather in

Industrial Enzymes 

Leather - Beamhouse & Tanning

Conversion of raw animal skins to wet-blue leather involves the use of many harsh chemicals that are dangerous for human exposure and environment. With many leather processing units unaware of effective alternative solutions, Caprienzymes aim to revolutionize the age-old industry to better practices. 

Our enzymes provide a great alternative for the companies who want to be the new-age leather processing companies of the future. 

Activity :

Customized activities are available on customer request

Applications :

Soaking agent, Bating, Unhairing, Vein removal, Sequestering agent, Wetting agent, Degreasing agent

Industrial Enzymes 
Textile Dyeing

Dyeing of textile yarns is energy-intensive and uses heavy chemicals such as caustic soda. It is the need-of-the-hour to move away from corrosive chemicals to greener alternatives. Enzymes replace the chemicals used at each stage of dyeing the knitted yarns.


The considerable scope for sustainable solutions motivates us to supply innovative products that could make a difference to this important industry.

Enzymes & Activity :

Pectate lyase, Amylase, Catalase, Cellulase

Customized activities are available on customer request

Applications :

Bioscouring, Bleaching agent, Desizing, Biowash, Acid biowash

colorful fabric hanging to dry after tra

Industrial Enzymes 

Detergent Enzymes

Enzyme detergents remove protein from clothes soiled with blood, milk, sweat, grass, etc. far more specifically than non-enzyme detergents. Our bio-based technology cleans more critical stains and serves as an alternative for hazardous restricted chemicals which is a great threat to environment. Thus preventing the pollution of lakes, rivers and ponds.  Bio-surfactant - enzymes based detergent products are eco-friendly.

Activity :

Customized activities are available on customer request

Applications :

Protease -  removal of protein based stains

Amylase - removal of starch

Lipase - removal of fats and oil based stains

Cellulase - removal of microfibrils, retains colour and good smoothness 

Agri Products

Our agri biotechnology division offers an innovative and sustainable products for the healthy soil condition, plant growth. Our natural pesticide with the essential and herbal oils is a novel sustainable biopesticides suitable for drone application for vast agricultural farms and fields. We are rich in the sources of natural ingredients and offer wide range of microbial strains and enzymes suitable for agri, animal nutrition and aqua industries and other various industrial applications.

Our recent technology of seaweed encapsulation with microbial strains and enzymes precisely used in crop cultivation, tea and coffee plantation in wider regions. Our bio-fertilisers, suitable for multicrops, horticulture, herbiculture, floriculture and vertical farming applications.


Caprizyme SW - Seaweed powder & granule

Caprizyme SC - Soil Conditioner

Caprizyme P-Guard - Plant Probiotics

Caprizyme Compostrol - Farm & Garden Nourisher


  • Improves plant tolerance to abiotic and environmental stresses

  • Secretion of lytic enzyme to control pathogenic fungi

  • Soil enhancer & promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms

  • Enhances plant resistance to pests and diseases

  • Increases Na, K, Mg, Ca, Zn in soil & balances soil pH

  • Reduces soil permeability

  • Improves plant growth and high yield in crops, flowers and fruits

  • Variety of nourishment & act as a food for soil microorganisms


Drones are widely applicable and easily accesible in agriculture
and future is  promising and drones are primarily used for spraying
purposes to cover large areas of the land quickly and also utilise
for monitoring plant development spotting pests and weeds and
collecting data to forecast harvesting cyles and potential output.
Our nano products are widely used through drone applications
in organic and natural farming.


Caprizyme Biosurfactant - Natural Biosurfactant

Caprizyme PESTO - Naturopest

CapriNano-AG  - Agri Nano minerals

Capri NanoRain - Natural mineral nourisher

Latest News

Latest News


Caprienzymes Visits Bengaluru Tech Summit - Nov 2022​

CapriEnzymes visited Bengaluru tech summit in Bangalore, the World's fastest growing tech hub to obtain knowledge of latest technology and to meet new   startups. Nearly 100 startups signed MOU with ISRO for component supply.  The company discussed with the Netherland company about sustainable agri practices & genome modification.

Caprienzymes new series of products -



(Surgical instruments cleaning)


(Car interior cleaning)

Pet Safe

(Pet bed & Mat cleaning)

Caprizyme WashPerfect

(Vegetable and Fruit wash)

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