Enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics play crucial roles in food and feed industries, primarily in enhancing nutritional value, improving digestion, and promoting overall health.
Caprienzymes® manufactures food and feed dietary supplements using probiotics, enzymes and prebiotics for the humans for the wellness and for animal nutrition and shrimp culture.

Enzymes are biological catalysts that facilitate biochemical reactions in living organisms. Probiotics & prebiotics improves gut health, enhance immune function, and even contributes to mental well-being.


Caprienzymes® uses selective probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes that benefits for shrimp health and formulating them into tablets and capsule forms with suitable excipients using encapsulation techniques, to create a convenient and effective feed supplements for promoting shrimp growth, digestion, immunity and overall health.

Caprienzymes® produces effective dietary supplements using prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes with spirulina, moringa & herbal extracts, for promoting digestive health for nutrition supplements and to maintain overall wellness in humans.