Enzymes in Poutry Nutrition


To reduce waste and to improve food security precisely, poultry ingredients, to build consistency in the market needs – Disease management, Pathogen control, antibiotic resistance, biosecurity, high quality feed and dietary supplements for optimal growth – our formulation will provide the right balance of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals for poultry health thereby maintaining FCR ratio, affordability and profitability of poultry farming operation. At the same time, minimizing the antibiotics, building immunity, reducing the toxicity and controlling  environmental litter, thereby converting waste into biowaste as fertilizer is our focus areas.

Our enzymes & probiotics supplementation in Poultry and animal feed helps optimize nutrient utilization, improve growth performance, and reduce the overall feed costs, also it contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the excretion of undigested nutrients into the environment, thereby mitigating the environmental impact associated with livestock production.

Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) present in cereals and protein sources like soybean meal are largely indigestible by monogastric animals such as poultry, these form viscous gels in the gut, hindering the movement of digesta and reducing nutrient absorption. This viscosity can lead to digestive disorders such as sticky droppings and wet litter. Enzymes target these NSPs, breaking them down and reducing viscosity, thereby improving gut health and nutrient absorption.

Caprienzymes<sup>®</sup> feed enzymes and probiotics that enhance the utilization of protein from feed ingredients, supporting muscle development, stimulating the immune system and enhancing the production of antibodies and other immune factors. Also, it improves phosphorus digestibility by breaking down phytic acid, a compound found in plant-based feed ingredients.

The protective effect of functional amino acids on the digestive system during enteric challenges is related to their targeted actions on the 4 pillars of gut tract, oxidative stress, epithelial functions, microbiota and immunity. Binding of amino acids to tannins, ensuring the protection of amino acids, degradation in the upper side of the digestive tract, thereby increasing weight gain. Caprienzymes focuses on tannins

Caprienzymes<sup>®</sup> feed supplements in the poultry diet  with a combination of aminoacids, polyphenols, saponins have the potential improve nutrition utility, enhance gut health, reduce stress related inflammation of corticosterone & support immune function.

(Thermostable Phytase)

(Immuno Modulator)


"Unlocking Nutrition, Empowering Growth"

Product Name
Caprizyme P-RICH (Thermostable Phytase - 5000U)
Unique Features

A new high performance Phytase enzyme, that enhance the poultry for better utilisation of phosphorous in feed grains & reduces phosphorous excretion in the manure which inturn reduces the environmental pollution. Helps in digestion of NSPS and it is a compatible enzyme that improves feed conversion, growth performance and overall health in poultry.


100-150g/ton of feed for broiler and layer

-Help to improve the utilization of phosphorus in poultry feed
-It also releases other bound nutrients such as calcium, zinc, and amino acids
-Increased nutrient digestibility and utilization, promoting better growth performance and feed efficiency
-reduce feed waste, and minimize the environmental footprint of poultry farming
-Increase the availability of choline and reduce the amount of choline chloride needed in the diet

Boost the immunity & keep your bird healthy

Product Name

Caprizyme I-BOOST

Unique Features

A unique prebiotic and probiotic blend,  stimulates the immune system & improves host defense mechanism, protects cell from oxidative stress, improves beneficial bacterial in the gut, better nutrient digestibility, improves feed conversion, growth performance and production efficiency. It reduces severity of enteric diseases


-  500g/ton for breeders & 250g/ton for broilers & layers

-Better liver metabolism
-Prevents re-occurrence of infections
-Improves specific immune response
-Increase resistance against pathogens
-Improved weight gain and egg production
-Helps in the modulation of intestinal micro flora

Unlock the potential nutritive value……

Product Name

Caprizyme D-CARE

Unique Features
It is a potent enzyme blend for the best absorption of feed ingredients in the gut of chicken. It breaks the antinutritional factors in the feed thereby increase the digestibility & utilization of the nutrients.
D-care reduces the wet litter conditions and helps to maintain overall hen production & improves the productivity and profitability of animal production
-100-200g/ton of feed for broiler & layers
-150-200g/ton of feed for breeders
-Breaks antinutritional factors & maximizes nutritive value in feed
-Increases availability of polysaccharides and polypeptides
-Reduces digesta viscosity and loose droppings
-It is a versatile to solve necrotic enteritis by degrading anti nutritional factors and allergenic protein in feedstuff
-Helps animals to digest & utilise energy and nutrients from less conventional feed ingredients
-Decreases gaseous elimination volumetrically
-Improved performance & reduced amount of environmental nutrient excretion

(Gut Care probiotics)

(Digestive enzyme blend with tannins and saponins)

(Metabolic Optimiser)

Maintains the balance of gut health…

Product Name

Caprizyme G-GUARD

Unique Features

Caprizyme G-Guard, a synergetic blend of probiotics, enhances the mechanism of enzyme production, organic production & phagocytosis activation along with the specific action of pathogen inhibition, thereby stimulates the growth of poultry flocks & reduces inflammation. It is used as gut flora stabiliser & reduces the incidence diarrhea and supports immune function.
D-care reduces the wet litter conditions and helps to maintain overall hen production & improves the productivity and profitability of animal production

-500g/ton of feed or 1.5g/5ltr of water for breeders
-300g/ton of feed or 1g/5ltr of water for broilers & layers
-Improves the nutrient digestibility & reduces ammonia production
-Beneficial in the prevention of Necrotic Enteritis
-It stabilizes the intestinal ecosystem
-Active in lower pH
-Enhances the growth performance and lowers FCR
-Increases the birds immune response
-It stabilizes the intestinal ecosystem
-Support egg production and egg shell quality

Alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoters…

Product Name


Unique Features

It is a premixture rich in tannins, saponin and other natural minerals, act as an antiinflammatory and antioxidant agent. It inhibits the growth of pathogens and coccidia parasite and improves the intestinal health. it scavenges free radicals and protects intestinal cell membranes from oxidative stress.

-500g-1kg/ton of feed for laying hens
-200g/ton of feed for broiler
-Inhibits growth of pathogens
-Anti-inflammatory & Antitoxin
-Modulates gut microbiota & mucosal immunity
-Gut health management
-Ammonia and odour reduction
-Immune stimulant
-Control Coccidiosis

Optimises the metabolism, immunity & gut health…

Product Name

Caprizyme YMS (Metabolic optimiser)

Unique Features

It is a combination of Prebiotics, Vitamin premixtures & Amino acids. It improves the growth of beneficial bacteria, improves nutrient absorption in the gut, immune function, reproductive health and antioxidant activity & plays a vital role in metabolic process.


500g-1Kg/ton of feed

-Support poultry health & growth
-Improves metabolic function
-Promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract
-Breaks down anti-nutritional factors
-Improved feed efficiency & better growth performance
-Protects from oxidative stress & support immune function
-Enhanced digestion & absorption, reduces environmental pollution due to excreta

(Growth Promoter+Immune Booster)

(Antitoxin/ Immune enhancer)


"Nourish to Flourish: Elevating Cattle Health Through Quality Nutrition."

Product Name

Caprifeed Dairy (Growth promoter+ Immune booster)

Unique Features

 Caprifeed Dairy is a complete blend of digestive enzymes, Vitamins, Herbal extracts & medicinal earthen minerals for cattle and other milk producing animals. The exogenous enzymes improves digestibility in monogastric animals & vitamins improves animal growth, reproduction and FCR ratio.


Dairy cows: 30-50g/cow/day

-Antidiarrheal formula
-Reduce stress
-Internal pH stability
-Protects from mycotoxins
-Increase milk yield
-Growth & immune booster
-Advanced health & growth

Enzymatic transformation of toxins….

Product Name

Caprizyme T-Stick (Antitoxin/ Immune enhancer)

Unique Features

An anti-toxin/immune enhancer is suitable for breeders and layers, it adsorbs and deactivates mycotoxins like aflatoxins, ochratoxins, zearalenone,fumanisins, ergotamines, vomitoxin, chemicals and pesticides & boost the immunity.


 500g-1Kg/ton of feed

-Prevents harmful effects of mycotoxins in feed
- Improves overall liver health & immune system
-Reduces incidental diarrhea
- Improves daily weight gain, fertility, meat quality & eggs
- Reduces incidental morbidity & mortality in farms
-Supports egg production and egg shell quality

"Enhanced Digestion, Enhanced Performance: Ruminant Enzyme Solutions."

Product Name

 Caprifeed MLT (Multienzymes)

Unique Features

Caprizyme MLT is a blend of enzymes to lactating cow shows certain beneficial effects on increased milk yield and large effects on animal productivity. They are designed to enhance the digestion and utilization of feed components, particularly in diets containing high levels of fibrous materials like forages. These supplements typically consist of a combination of different enzymes that target various components of the feed, helping to break down complex carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients.


500g/ton of feed

- Shows effects on gastrointestinal microflora & on the ruminant animal
-High milk yield
- Substantially improves feed digestibility & animal performance
-Improved nutrient utilization by ruminants
- Increased feed digestion
-Reduces the risk of digestive disturbances such as acidosis